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This list is dedicated to the special monsters that only load so often but will guarantee to be there when that time has come. So monsters like royal bumbler do not count as those are rare monster repops.


Kalamari (north of Joybrook Falls) - loads every 4 days. These number of days can be influenced by the Favor Quests.
items dropped
1. Kalamari Stone R3, R4 (not sure about R5)
2. Shell of Kalamari R3, R4, R5
3. Squid Ring R3, R4 (R5?)
4. Rubbery Leggings R3, R4, R5. R6
5. have heard about an unknown talisman, not sure if true

Geode Elder (west of Joybrook Falls) - loads every 24 hours. Fun monster but not great items sadly.
Items Dropped
1. Geocore Warstone R1, R2
2. Geocore Leggings R3, R4, R5


Rift Worm (SE of Bloomdale) - loads every 24 hours
Items Dropped
1. Wormhide Body R3, R4, R5
2. Rifteye (Necklace) R3, R4, R5, R6
3. Riftwrought Warstone R3, R4, R5

Overgrown Plant (east of Caverns of Doom, west of Bloomdale, where spores are in a field) - was 10 days, now its just 4 days with September update.
Items Dropped
1. Rejuvenating Battlestone R3, R4 (R5?)
2. Rejuvenating Aura R3, R4, R5 (Oakthorn only)
3. Rejuvenating Leggings R3, R4, R5, R6

Fungal King (east of Nurtureville) - loads every 3 days
Items Dropped
1. Fungal Hat R3, R4, R5
2. Fungal Spiritstone R3, R4, R5
3. Fungal Ring - R5 (but shows up as blue color)
4. Fungal Blossom R3, R4, R5 (Oakthorn only)

Farapang (The Wilds, requires flying item) - now 4 days, dropped from 10 days with September update.
Items Dropped
1. Farapangulet R3, R4, R5
2. Farapang's Mane R3, R4 (R5 exists?)


Raxilisk (between South Gate and Rail's End, by river, S of all those cactooze) - loads every 24 hours
Items Dropped
1. Raxilisk Warstone R3, R4, R5
2. Raxilisk Shell R3, R4, R5 (Mari only)
3. Raxihide Leggings R5

Queen Hzrakha (Mantix Caves) - loads every 3 days
Items Dropped
1. Royal Spiritstone R3, R4, R5
2. Royal Amulet R5
3. Royal Aura R3, R4 (R5 is likely) (Oakthorn only)
4. Royal Robe R3, R4, R5, R6. This item also drops in Mantix Mobilization chests, well, except the R6

Ancient Cipid (east of the Mantix Caves portal) - loads every 2 days
Items Dropped
1. Scroll of Souls R3, R4, R5 (Noxin only)
2. Plaguebearer (Battlestone) R3, R4, R5
3. Putrid Helmet R4, R5


Reverm (Worm Tunnel)
1. Eternal Leggings R3 to R5
2. Eternal Necklace R3 to R5
3. Eternal Warstone R5

Igneo (Crystal Spirit, near SW corner of map)
1. Gleaming Spiritstone R3 to R5
2. Gleaming Helm R3 to R5
3. Gleaming Chain R3 to R5

Karaza (bird, need flight pack, NE corner)
1. Rift-Torn Leggings R3 to R5
2. Rift-Feather Brooch R3 to R5
3. Riftstone R3-R5

Dyna Mike (NE of Dugout)
1. Detonative Chestguard R3, R4, R5
2. Detonative Gadget R3-R5
3. Detonative Battlestone R3-R5

Also, now do not think Chronomaly is a world monster


Havoc Captain Torkk (NE arena past 2 bridges)
1. Havoc Guards R3, R4. R5
2. Havoc Stone R3-R5

Ancient Celestian (the Spirit one)
1. Celestian Stone R5
2. Celestian Crown R3-R5
3. Celestian Neckchain R3-R5


  • ZeonZeon Posts: 1,116
    Wormhide body R5
    Farapangulet necklace R5
    Fungal Hat R5
    Shell of Kalamari R4 - R5

    Raxihide Leggings R5
    Raxilisk Warstone R5
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    Just got rubbery leggings R5 as well.

    All the ones you confirmed just added. Never seen Raxihide Leggings.
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    Heh, I should do that more often, say I want it or have not seen it, then get it. I just got Raxihide Leggings. Wish I had won on a higher difficulty but I will take them.

    Had same thing happen to me on that ring from Giggle Creek recently, Lost Ring of the Visitor.
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    Any of you know where we can find the Storm Ribbon (amulet) and Shadowhood (helm)?
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    Never heard of Storm Ribbon, but I do know about the shadow hood. It supposedly can drop from a Magrok Boss Chest.

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    Storm Ribbon Amulet R5. Passive: Critical hits increase all Storm damage by 3% for 5 seconds but I can't remember where I got it.
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    Well, likely Giggle Creek but who knows where, there are 4 boss chests and regular chests. Doesn't sound an obvious one from a boss chest, they usually have some connection to the character but not always.
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    Rifteye R5 now confirmed.
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    Fungal Ring R5 is now confirmed, despite the fact it shows the blue color of a R4

    Zeon has confirmed he has seen Geo Elder Leggings.
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    Second R6 item now confirmed...first it was the Rifteye, today I got the R6 Rubbery Leggings from Kalamari.
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    R6 Royal Robe from the Mantix Queen now confirmed....Zeon got this item. So far no one has got more than 1 R6 item.
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    With the new update, no monsters take longer than 4 days so Farapang and Overgrown plant are down to 4 days.
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    Where is Hzrakha in the Mantix Caves? I have searched all the areas including the flight pack part. I doubt I killed her in the last 3 days since I don’t have the achievement...
  • NoogaNooga Posts: 160
    Can't find the Ancient Cipid either. I've never seen nor killed it.
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    Sure...The Queen is in the left chamber of the mantix caves, when you go into it, just keep going left.

    The Ancient Cipid is in the same area. If you teleport to the mantix cave entrance, you go west to the cave entrance or you can go east and you will pass by like 10 regular beetles and then the ancient cipid is past it. They populate every so many days so a given day if you have defeated it, it may not be there.
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    Sure...The Queen is in the left chamber of the mantix caves, when you go into it, just keep going left.
    Thanks! She was there this morning, and the achievement popped when I killed her. I figured that was the area since it was empty otherwise; just not sure why I wouldn't have gotten the achievement when I fought her 3 days ago...
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    That's strange. They're not showing up for me.
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    That's strange. They're not showing up for me.
    They appear depending on difficulty progress and respawn every 3days (best to my knowledge) after being defeated.
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    Alright. I'm on about Master 10 or so IIRC. Maybe I need to crank it up a little more.

    EDIT: That's got it.
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    Putrid Helm R3 from Ancient Cipid
  • NoogaNooga Posts: 160
    Plaguebearer Battlestone R4 from Ancient Cipid
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    At least one new world monster is in Savage Sands, the worm tunnel has Reverm. So far have seen Eternal Leggings R3 to R5 and Eternal Necklace R3. Do not know its reset time but at least a day.
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    I think perhaps Igneo is another one, also in Savage Sands. Have now seen Gleaming Spiritstone R3 and Gleaming Helm R4

    And also Karaza, a bird in the NE corner needing a flight pack, items are lifted above but are rift related.
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    Gleaming Spiritstone R5
  • lamorackelamoracke Posts: 570 ✭✭✭
    Yeah, I just stopped updating the new ones, I will do so, I imagine most go to R5, the question is, if any are R6
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    There, updated other new ones like Gleaming Chain and Eternal Warstone. I imagine that bird has one more Rift Torn item as well, just do not put on the flight pack too often to find out.
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    Gleaming Chains R3
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    There are 2 new mobs from the 3/20 update with Silent Drifts.

    Havoc Captain Torkk
    Ancient Celestian

    also the Giant Raxilisk is here again as a reprint

    There is also a monster you would think follows the rules of a world boss Bolt Leboltaxx, but he does not load any items for whatever reason.
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    Ring of Havoc R4 from Havoc Captain Torkk and Detonative Chestguard R4 from Dyna Mike
  • lamorackelamoracke Posts: 570 ✭✭✭
    I figure pretty much everything that I list that is R3 or R4 has a R5 equivalent. Thanks though, I will update. I just list them if I know they exist.
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