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So you went with the adorable Mari girl named Kora good for you. Shes awesome!

For starters lets look at her order. Storm: it has serveal deverstating combo attacks and loads of healing potential.

If your like me and like playing ranged classes or the mage type you'll love this.

Basic attacks: a small water jet from her sugar shell wand. Or of you have her figure a small water jet from her crabulon wand.

Bubbel blast: sets a small stream of bubbels that damage the enemy for a short while, wilst also healing you!.

Forked lighting: a electric spell type that damages a group of enemys at once. It can also be used on one as it deals a fair amount of damage.

Drench: knocks back the enemy a littel as well as supplys a heal to you.

Cyclone: traps a enemy in a world wind damaging them over a period of time.

Crashing wave:causes damage to enemys in front of you and knocks them back. If knocked inyo a wall they become stunned.

Wind shield: sets a swirling vortex around you and has a high chance of bouncing attacks off it so they miss.

Combo atracks!

Cloud burst: deals 3310 damage to enemys.

Please note I'm only showing the skills/combos you can use wildt being a free player!!!.

Now you might be asking about tallents I stuck mine into prolongong the bubbel blast as its helpful to me. But honestly as long as your happy with how you build the tallent tree there in no right or wrong :).

In the first map of the game they are two areas that are kora only dont worry if you dont have the toy you can still acess these playing as kora :).

Have fun with Kora and remember to take plenty of quests as these mainly help you level up!!.


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    So you went ahead and got the figure. Cool me too.

    Lets look at her exclusive attack that come with her ranged weapon:

    Aqua jet: sends a jet of water at a enemy causing a good chunck of damage.

    Now we're going to list weapon only attacks that need a physical weapon to pop into her fins:

    Mele attacks (can be gained from owning the elcto eel sword or the staff but cant recall its name atm)

    Splash: dos damage to all enemys infront of you and reduces thier damage done to you :3.

    Wirlpool: creates a wirlpool around you causing damage to anything near by.

    Defensive spells these need items like sheilds to use.

    Wind tunnel:
    Leap back as you inleash a cone of wi ds, knocking back enemys and slowing them down.
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    Card combos:
    Combos that come in Koras starter pack are scannable and work as acctual atracks.

    Remember you'll only be able to use combos after level 5.

    Electro stun: causes a wave of electrickity to come crasing down to tge ground after 2 seconds. Dealing 2400% weapon damage to all near by enemys for four seconds.

    Cold snap: deals 2525% weapon damage to all near by enemys and also imbolises them for 10 seconds.

    Eye of the storm: for every 8 seconds knocks back enemys and heals 20% of your health.
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