Can dust fiend go pay for a order not on your hero to play a combo.

Ok so let's say your hero is a storm hero and you have no items and you want to play a chilling curse can you use dust fiend to pay for the poison?

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  • HaloHalo Posts: 14
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    No, you still need access to a Dread element to pay for Chilling Curse. So a Dread item card needs to be equipped, then you can use Dust Fiend to pay for Chilling Curse, as Dust Fiend can now count as that Dread element.


  • CrowCrow Posts: 2,963
    Exactly as @Halo said! Basically you need to be able to play the Element in order to be able to use it for Dust Fiend. It's a great card and well worth including in a Storm cross Order deck but it does have a limitation to stop it being just that little bit too powerful ;)
  • HaloHalo Posts: 14PlayFusion Team
    Thanks Crow! I'll expand on this Catrium, in case you run into the following situation:

    Should your Dread item be removed from play (usually via Weapon Master or Crushing Blow) whilst Chilling Curse is in play, Chilling Curse becomes dormant (it literally does nothing), in the same way if a Mari Bard was played against it. You're a Storm Hero so a Dread Item needs to be equipped for Chilling Curse to be active. Should you happen to equip a Dread Item again, Chilling Curse will become active again and continue its duties.
  • WantonNerdWantonNerd Posts: 333 ✭✭✭
    @Halo has the right of it on both counts. Need an item to access elements for cross order actions and combos, and if you lose that access, your active buffs become dormant
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