Small Glitches and Errors

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In the boss animation for Tug and the pet animation for Solus, their names are too far to the right.

Fenrar is floating in the quests menu.

Hive Queen Swamexi's abilities tab has further spelled "futher".

The Wildbloom Hive and Ridgeside Enclave portals in Ashwood Rift and Savage Sands don't let other lightseekers of different orders go through the portals. I do have the Zyrus and Boulder figures. This is a problem because you can access the Giggle Creek and Fireforge portals in Ashwood Forest and Rail's Ends for lightseekers of different orders if you have the figure that gives you access to the dungeon.

The icons that appear to pick up the tuskers in the quest "Cattle Herding" are too far down. The icons are almost completely covered by the tuskers' bodies. Can you raise the icons so it can be completely visible?

In the character section in the achievements menu, it only has the reach 50, reach mastery level 100 and equip lightseeker with full set of wave 1 order accessories achievements for Jax and Kora. This is an error because for example Boulder can't complete any of these achievements because he isn't Jax or Kora.

I can't complete anymore bonus dungeons after I get Sunset Reef as a bonus dungeon. After I got back to Safehaven after completing the Sunset Reef bonus dungeon, I didn't get the quest complete achievement. In the quest tab, it also said that I didn't complete the bonus dungeon. When I went back to the dungeon portal, it still had the bonus dungeon choice with Sunset Reef as the bonus dungeon. I don't know how this glitch occurred. It has occurred on Boulder and Jax.

This has been a glitch for a while, but I have forgotten to mention it. On random, when I enter any dungeon, the models for the chests don't load. I can still open the chests, but they are invisible. Also, the model for the gate that requires a smashing weapon in Fireforge doesn't load on random. You still need a smashing weapon to open it, but the gate is invisible. This also happens to gate/platforms that require a certain weapon in other dungeons and barriers that appear when you start fighting a boss at random.

When Boulder uses a flight pack to get to or leave the area with the chest that requires a flight pack in Fireforge, he says Kora's line "That was a breeze," in her voice. I don't know how I caused this glitch. He also says this line in Kora's voice when he leaves the area that requires a flight pack in Wildbloom Hive. Zyrus also says the same line in Kora's voice when he leaves the area that requires a flight pack in Ridgeside Enclave. This has occurred at many other locations.

In the Drain Life combo description, it says weapon is misspelled to say "weapond".

In "Gravitational Guidance", the quest tracker says "Go to the Mage Tower". However, in the description for the quest, it says Blinky wants you to ask the mages in High Tower for gravity spells. I think the quest tracker should say "Go to the High Tower" or "Talk to the Mages in High Tower." Also, Blinky is floating above the platform that he is suppose to be on. However, this may not be a glitch because snails may be able to float in this universe.

In the boss animations for Mechecho, Rardilla, and Zangerang, the boss animation music didn't play. This happened when you first fight the boss and in the description of the boss.


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    I forgot to add this glitch in my first post. The glitch is that Boulder and Zyrus are saying what Zilia is suppose to be saying in this quest. I'm not sure if this is a glitch or not.

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