Kickstarter Areas Listed for non Kickstarters

So, its probably not news that I am not a kickstarter member even though I have probably played as much as a lot of them and spent enough. Either way, unless I get a code some other way, am not going to be a kickstarter member as I did not know about it and there should be others out there too.

So I am aware that the new areas I cannot access are called Grubby Den (dungeon) and Drifting Plateaus (quest area).

If I have no access to them, why are they choices in my safehaven area?

I hear rumors of a friend feature / team thing. Is there the potential some day that I can venture into them if I have a friend who is a Kickstarter member?

Because if not, I would like to formally request to not see them as choices. I spent a good portion of the day today going through all the areas trying to find access to them as I did not know what they were and this was wasted effort.


  • CrowCrow Posts: 2,963
    Just to update that this is a bug which should be fixed soon.
  • lamorackelamoracke Posts: 570 ✭✭✭
    Gotcha, thanks Crow. If you see this reply, do you know if there is any merit to the idea there could be a future friends function that kickstarter members could invite non kickstarter members to play with them? Either way, if not, will be glad they are removed, if nothing else to help avoid confusion.
  • CrowCrow Posts: 2,963
    If we were to introduce multiplayer into Lightseekers then something like that is something we could consider but there are no current plans in the works for something like that.
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