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I finally acquired some items, now how do I begin playing a cross order deck?


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    OK, so it basically depends on what cards from other elements will benefit your hero, and what item effects will benefit. Alternatively if your hero is Lexi, what order will fit, because he can run 3 items. For example, in Dratylis' Treanu deck, ForgeWall was picked due to its beneficial effect and the fact that Mechanical cards provide burst healing, something that Nature lacks. If you can be more specific (e.g. what items you have, what hero you're running) I can provide more help.
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    > @Nooga said:
    > OK, . If you can be more specific (e.g. what items you have, what hero you're running) I can provide more help.

    Ok, so I play Astral. I can choose from Orion,Leo, or Lynx as the Hero. They are superior in gravity and Solar. I would like to play a cross order into Dread of which I have a dripping dagger element ( 1 pt. Poison element ) Alternatively, I also have a sleepy crab staff from the storm order ( 1 pt. Air element) No hero can carry more than 2 pts. In items. What do you think ? Thanks for replying.
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    No problem mate. The thing is with Astral it doesn't really do too well with cross-order due to its reliance on its own elements on the draw and in the discard pile. Air is pretty good though, you could pop in a few Wind Controllers, Thunder Slugs or even Swooping Corvid if you have them. A full-blown cross order deck won't really work with Astral but a select few Air cards can certainly help. Thunder Slug especially, as Astral's a little lacking in buff removal. Orion is the best hero out of those three so I'd go with him.
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    Disagree with @Nooga on this one. Astral can work in cross-order decks, you just need to keep the focus of the deck in tact.

    Firstly, I'd always aim to keep your main order at 20 or more cards, with your cross-order section capped at 10 action cards. This includes your Tantosian Blacksmiths, all for the sake of consistency.


    Main Order action cards x20
    Tantosian Blacksmith x2
    Item #1 x1
    Item #2 x1
    Off-order action cards x6

    This is, in my experience, the best ratios for keeping your deck streamlined while maintaining a vision for the deck you're making. There are exceptions, but I stick to this as a guideline.

    My Astral cross-order decks have been Astral/ Explosive, Astral/ Time and Storm/ Gravity. I have also toyed with Astral/ Shadow, Dread/ Lunar and any number of other ideas but they've not been realised yet.

    Using one as a further example -- my Astral/ Explosive deck: I changed the focus of my deckbuilding away from Astral using the last discarded card to bolster yout effects, instead locking onto the next card drawn for the same thing. To achieve this, I built a Defend-heavy deck, threw in Flying Fortress, Skyward Observatory and crucially, Zeppelin Scout. Then I decided on Ursa as my Hero to have the ability to skip over certain cards I've stacked with Zeppelin, in the event that cards have been discarded or drawn via the effects of my opponent (Zuna, Looper, Prismatic Sun Feeder etc.).

    I added Explosive into my deck to increase its damage potential. Bombling has some incredible synergy with damage increasing effects (such as Skyward Observatory) and it's triggered by Anti-Gravity Snail, which can draw into a Defend card to trigger even more damage from Flying Fortress (both of which also get increased by Observatory).

    This deck can deal upwards of 30 damage in a turn in the right conditions, and that's nothing to grumble at. I won't give away all of my secrets, but you have the skeleton of a deck that can win extremely quickly (3 turns is my current record). It's largely held back by what Zeppelin Scout reveals, but when it works, it really works.

    More generally now, before you start playing with Cross-Order, I'd highly suggest hunting down at least two copies of Tantosian Blacksmith and then thinking about what strategies you want to employ.

    Astral as a base offers a number of strategies alone, but these can be enhanced by other elements for new damage sources or increases, more control or draw power (Mimicking Horror a Dawn Stalker, play Gurgling Ooze with Subjugator, Warp Toad with Lunatic and so on). You have to settle into what idea suits you, and only you can decide what that is.

    Cross-Order combos are a great place to start looking for deck ideas. Blood Moon, Meteor Shower and Star Blast are all extremely unique, and that makes them a great launching point for a Cross-Order deck. Double down on making them work, or think of ways to not use them at all, both options can lead you to a weird, fun and new destination.

    Feel free to run ideas by me - I'd be happy to help. My only request is that you stick to the ratio suggested above, just to keep things simple while you're starting out - it can get messy real fast, and you'll just feel bad about your deck. And lastly, whatever you decide, have fun!
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    Thanks, Excellent....I do need to obtain the Tantosian Blacksmith and apparently some others. It seems like an early heavy strike with Astral is a good move. 3 TURNS ? WOW !
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    @RadSabreLS6969 Don't get too excited, the stars aligned on that one. The deck does have great rush potential though, and that's what I aimed to accentuate. There are a number of ways to do it, you just need to find a style that you like.
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