Promoting Lightseekers.

I realy love Lightseekers, The Ap game is great fun to play and the figures are awesome. I am now just starting to understand the basic rules of the card game. And now i'd like to promote the game in my area. Can you give Me some pointers on how to start promoting the game? Do you have promo kits to help me get started?


  • RevtheRoadieRevtheRoadie Posts: 13
    Find a friend and start playing in your local game shop or other public place. There are a variety of ways to develop a group but it all starts with getting cards into the hands of potential players.

    From there it's doing what you're doing. Asking around to see what other groups are doing to be successful. You can always message me on here (or on the OLL) and I can share what our group is doing to gather perspective players and promote the game. Have fun and good luck!
  • ZeonZeon Posts: 1,115

    I have to add that sharing ANY personal contact information is prohibited on theses forums, whether that's displayed publicly or privately. This is to ensure a safe environment for everyone and in keeping with the online safety regulations.
  • CrowCrow Posts: 2,963
    Talk to your local store to get them involved. If they are interested they can contact us on our website and we can look to help get them set up :)
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