Quest Problems

Yesterday, i was playing the game as normal, i decided to take a bit of a break, when i returned, i was in the dugout(where i left off at) But the current story quest i was on was gone. I decided to do a restart on my phone, nothing, i deleted the game then re-downloaded it, nothing, I decided to go back to safehaven to see if that would change anything, the quest was there, but i couldn't press the button to go there, also when i was in the dugout, the green arrow under my character would face the same way i was facing, can someone help me with this? i tried reporting a bug but nothing was happening.


  • ZeonZeon Posts: 1,115
    If you have submitted a bug report it would have gone through. Bug reports don't send a user response. Do you happen to remember the quest line?
  • CrashJohannCrashJohann Posts: 5
    It was Where in the world is general carnage, but i was at rails end and i was looking for the three pylons
  • CrowCrow Posts: 2,963
    If the marker has gone that means you are in the area you need to be. If looking for the Pylons pay attention to what is on the ground as they are lying around there.
  • CrashJohannCrashJohann Posts: 5
    the quest bar is nowhere like, its gone, i cant press it
  • CrowCrow Posts: 2,963
    Are you sure you haven't completed all the main quests in the area? If it has gone completely that usually means you have completed your active quests and the main 'Continue the story' quest may still display on your game screen but you won't be able to continue until the questline has been added.
  • SentaiheroSentaihero Posts: 9
    how do i solve the color puzzle for kreebal daycare ?
  • CrowCrow Posts: 2,963
    You will need your figure connected and on. They will light up to help you answer the puzzle.
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