Undefeated Mountain Deck

Hey guys! Here's my build for my mountain deck, so far we have had 3 tournaments in Moncton and I've came first on everyone one with Mountian, my toughest matchups were tech and strangely storm. Thunderslug is really good, but you just have outplay your opponent by holding onto cards and out resourcing them.
The best combination in the deck has to be Colossi Artifact and Crystal Skin, you're immune to all damage unless they play a card that pierces through it, usually it's GG when I play it unless they can remove it, otherwise I just get 3 cards a turn for free (Dolo then DP)
I've played a lot of Magic and Yugioh, I actually was sponsored in yugioh for some time, I've found that playing these games helped advance in Lightseekers because yugioh is one big mind game with lots of disruptions. Magic is an advantage, similar to this game, you have to manage your resources really smart. I find this deck is actually the opposite of what a red deck does other than the combos, this deck is very similar to Blue in magic, always having to think ahead, and the hand advantage is crazy. Personally I love this deck! I'll keep posting tournament reports, I when a Black Green deck that I will post sometime too! Just working out the kinks in it!
Full list typed :
1 Dolo the Mighty (Hero)
3 Magma Worm
3 Prism Cannon (Gr8 B8)
3 Mountian Fort
2 Exteria Defender
1 Enchanted Soil
2 Colossi Artifact

3 Flame Bat
2 Flamechained Warrior(Side the third against tech)
1 Lava Bouncer
3 Crystal Bat
3 Crystal Leech
1 Rock Rager

3 Bounder Feast

1 Crystal Skin (MVP)
1 Shatter Flame
1 Wrath of the Mountian
1 Inferno
1 Stream of Tantos


  • You can't side Flamechained Warrior, my dude. Looks like an interesting list nontheless. Still suffers against Buff Removal, but it seems solid.
  • UtoshiUtoshi Posts: 24
    How come I cant side flamechained warrior? :open_mouth:
  • NoogaNooga Posts: 160
    You can't side deck anything that isn't a Combo or unaligned
  • @Nooga top marks that man.
  • Bit of a necro, but I just thought to mention that your combo of Artifact and Crystal skin doesn't actually make you immune to damage.
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