Who is the Best Storm Hero?

I'm very new to the game with an affinity for Storm. I have very limited knowledge on the meta of the game. Who would y'all suggest for being the hero in a mono storm deck?


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    There is no true meta to the game, and that makes all things subjective. Figure out what mechanic you wish you focus on and try to build around that mechanic. Alternatively, shoring up your weaknesses for your hero by including cards in your deck that make up for weaknesses your order/hero may have is another potential build strategy. I would suggest downloading the app to have access to the card database. Also, check out the wiki to read more about the various effects on cards to familiarize yourself with the set and any changes made to cards along the way
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    Thank you! I appreciate the advice!
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    TBH there are four good Storm heroes:

    -Malia: Good superiority and adds 1 damage to combos, not bad at all
    -Kora: Damages when you heal for 3 or more, which is handy considering her Water superiority
    -Fish Singer Ushi: He's an interesting one. No superiorities but Storm combos cost 1 less.
    -Lalu the Rascal: Lightning superior so not fantastic, but she gains an additional action when she's below 15 health, which is very good

    Kora is my personal favourite, but Lalu and Malia are the most popular from what I've seen.

    The others are flawed, if not just plain bad
    -Elishi: Her ability would be good if it didn't take an action to use it. She deals 2 damage when a foe has no buffs
    -Cloud King Kashi: He's got the generic action buff speed up ability, which would only really work in a Lightning Bringer deck
    -Meeka: No. Just no. If you only have one superiority but no ability, you're not worth using, even with the high HP.
    -Crab Rider Neida: The generic "deal 1 damage" ability, not great at all.
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    Common heroes like Meeka are great for Booster Draft, though. And I think Ushi is well discounted by far too many. Ushi is my Storm main, but again, subjective
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    Common heroes like Meeka are great for Booster Draft, though. And I think Ushi is well discounted by far too many. Ushi is my Storm main, but again, subjective
    I keep forgetting about booster draft! Yeah, he'd be pretty good for that with the high HP. I wish Australia could get some tourneys because booster draft is such a bizarre and interesting format! I really want to try it.

    Ushi is great, that ability is just plain nuts, but well balanced by his lack of supe. I don't know why nobody sees just how strong he is in a well-made deck. And his design is nice too.
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    I'll second both the subjectivity of what heroes are good and the fact that Ushi is great. (Yeah kind of an oxymoron there). I run Ushi with some level of success. The starting health is a little lower than what I would prefer though.
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    Low starting health literally only matters in two situations: against a heavy aggro deck, or if you don't have recovery/damage reduction. And if you're running a deck with either low/no recovery and/or damage reduction, and you're not the aggro deck, then you're playing incorrectly and asking to lose :lol:
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    I haven't played many but I have fun with Lalu so much. That late game, heavily wounded come-back is so enjoyable.
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