Custom Lightseekers Playmat!

Hey folks, just here to present a little something that's been in the works for a while: my very own (and potentially world first?) custom Lightseekers Playmat.

I've already shown this off a little on the OLL discord, but I thought I'd post it elsewhere to reiterate how well it turned out, and how thankful I am for Alice (@cassinialy on Twitter) having put so much work into it.

So, without further ado:

If you couldn't tell, Vela is my favourite hero.

Here's a shot of the mat in all it's glory!

And what good is a Lightseekers playmat without a life tracker?

The official Lightseekers coins are a perfect match!

Lastly, here's a shot of the mat with some cards on it, which is what it's for, after all.

This mat is beautiful, and I love it dearly. For those wondering, the mat itself measures up at 24x14 inches, and was printed in the UK via Patriot Games, a company I've used before for other custom mats, and one I'd recommend incredibly highly. I'll definitely be in the market for getting more mats printed now all the hard work has been done (once again a massive thank you to Alice, you've done amazing work) and I hope to see other people start to join the trend now that something's out there.

Thanks for your time all, I hope this wasn't too off-topic for everybody, but it's a mat for the TCG so I hope it all checks out.

Last things last - would you get a custom mat printed for Lightseekers? What artwork would you use on yours? Let me know!

- Out Of Order (Jack)


  • WantonNerdWantonNerd Posts: 333 ✭✭✭
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    I love the artwork, and it's a very great job done. I have several mats now, and will eventually be released for sale to the mass market, though not custom jobs. I do continually kick myself because I forgot to get the dev team to sign them for me when I had the chance >_<. At least I got Benny and Chris to sign my Sicario, so that I can be happy about :blush:

    Where did you get the life tracker, because that is something I would be genuinely interested in seeing more of. Those are primo quality and then some :smiley:
  • HyyBallHyyBall Posts: 340 ✭✭✭
    Where did you get the life tracker, because that is something I would be genuinely interested in seeing more of. Those are primo quality and then some :smiley:
    Agreed. That life tracker is perfect...
  • @WantonNerd @HyyBall The life tracker was made by Alice as well! It took her a really long time to make, so I think she's looking into selling .png and .psd files of the tracker itself, if either of you are interested. It wouldn't be super expensive, like a couple of pounds at most. If you fancy it, you can find her at or just drop her a message if you want to talk shop.
  • WantonNerdWantonNerd Posts: 333 ✭✭✭
    I know that the demo team came out and had Koin styled ones that were really nicely designed, I think they used a 3D printer for them. My hope is that by next holiday season, we'll see officially licensed order specific and generic themed life trackers for the game, along with the rest of the mats of course. I'll be taking a photo when I get home to share of the mats I currently possess
  • WantonNerdWantonNerd Posts: 333 ✭✭✭
    As promised, a few of the official mats. I have one more that looks like the paper mat in the starter, and I've seen the other designs as well, they're awesome too. IIRC they're made by gamer mats, but don't quote me on that. Quality is certainly top notch. I may edit this to add all the designs to the post at a later date
  • NoogaNooga Posts: 160
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    Holy carp, that mat is beautiful! BTW, if anyone wants to know where to get some of the card art, it's right here:

    Some of the heroes have different names. It also seems that the Mari were once called the Mako, and the Yikona were once called the Astari! Speaking of which, Elara also used to be named Lyra and had lighter skin and blonde hair. Neat, huh?
  • JaneJane Posts: 122PlayFusion Team
    Pretty mat. :) Here are some of my favourites designed in-house for the events we do. I also had a health counter designed with each orders logo on it for events.

    Let me know what designs you'd like to see and I'll see what I can do. :)
  • WantonNerdWantonNerd Posts: 333 ✭✭✭
    Those are the other mats I didn't have on hand! I love the tokens. As far as design options, mostly just having order specific mats would probably be the best suggestions/idea I would have
  • @Jane I've seen a few of these mats around and they're really pretty! I happen to have one of the Tournament Winner mats as well, and it's just as coveted as my custom one.

    In terms of mat designs, ensemble pieces would be cool for each of the orders, or variant art of existing Heroes would be awesome too.

    As for the counters, cross-order coins would be excellent, with two different Orders on each side. Conceptually, I think a Solar/ Lunar elemental coin could also be really cool.

    Keep up the great work you do!
  • Looks stunning!
  • Thanks everyone, I'm so happy with how the mat turned out, so I'm glad everyone likes it. We got lucky with the High Res Vela, but I'm looking to make a Solar Wind mat for myself if I can find decent quality images somewhere so we'll see. The original mats are really nice and well made, it was more about a cool Christmas present for @OutOfOrder than anything else :)
  • JaneJane Posts: 122PlayFusion Team
    I'm looking at lots of different designs. Some of them will have the boxes for cards etc., some will just have the health counter.

    Will share when I can.
  • FaithSDKFaithSDK Posts: 127 ✭✭✭
    Need all of this. :confounded:
  • LycaLyca Posts: 179
    I want my Hawaiian Zuna playmat but I'm not sure how to explain my vision to the artist.
  • NoogaNooga Posts: 160
    I want my Hawaiian Zuna playmat but I'm not sure how to explain my vision to the artist.
    Hey fam, I have all the time in the world, so take as much time explaining in as many different ways as you need to. If all else fails, superimpose stick figures onto stock photos and I'll get the idea.
  • MintMint Posts: 12
    Hey does anyone know if there's an email that I could get in touch with Alice? Maybe @alice. or @OutOfOrder ?

    Thanks in Advance!
  • thaKingRockathaKingRocka Posts: 3
    That's really nice. I wish there were more mats readily available.
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