Zuna's Air Strike - A Deck by Nooga

The Strat:

The basic strat is to maintain a high hand (resulting in having a tool for any situation) whilst punishing a foe's hand. I use Zuna's ability in combination with Looper, Kreebal Infiltrator and Kreebal Jester to deal damage for high hands, and killing cards in an enemy's hand. Conveniently, Jester leaves enough cards in the hand to still allow Infiltrator to trigger. I use Unstable Defender in this mix as well - it deals damage as well as returning enemy buffs to the hand, keeping a high hand size and keeping enemy buffs off the field. If I need to permanently get rid of enemy buffs, I use Crazed Bomber. I use Regen Chamber to keep Zuna healthy via gradual heals, and Emergency System/Tyrax Fixer for burst heals. Ramparts keeps the defenses up and punishes attacks. Warp Toad, Time Worm and Warden of Time allow me to recycle my cards, staying in the game longer. Warp Toad can also get rid of enemy buffs when I need to. Chrono Moth allows me to deal damage and gain more resources in the same turn. Fountain of Time helps my buffs last longer and disrupt those of the enemy, as well as speeding up slow buffs. Kreebal Potion Master helps stop healing and make killing an opponent easier. Flynamo is basically free health and effectively gives me a superiority via unrestricted action.

Now for combos and stuff: Celerity is a must in this deck, as it allows me to get an additional action, allowing me to draw at the start of a turn and then use two actions. Nitro Heal is mostly used to pay for other combos, but comes in handy for burst healing in dangerous situations. Time Collapse for quick damage. Combat Tech Fusion increases damage output with no downsides. It's better than Body Morph in this deck as it can exceed Body Morph's damage output with no self-damage, and punishes foes for getting rid of it with 6 damage to the face. Zuna can easily pay for expensive combos because of her ability to keep a high hand size. Finally, the icing on the cake, Nuke. Nuke is the solution to decks like Dratylis' Treanu deck - it's not an attack but it removes all buffs, so it avoids triggering cards such as Emergency System and deals a metric ton of damage (CTF + Nuke = Bye Bye to most things). Fountain of Time can speed things up if need be. And when a combo is on the Field, Force Converter can enter play, allowing for extra healing/hurting. I may replace this one though, either with Kreebal Saboteur or another Fountain of Time, maybe even Perpetual Cannon to punish foes damaging me..

Some things to consider:
-No Alchemy Lab??? - Increased power has negative effects on several important cards in this deck, namely Kreebal Infiltrator and Jester., and its effect on Crazed Bomber isn't ideal either.
-Nuke's Vulnerability: May have Steel Fortification on sideboard if need be. IIRC not many cards can outright remove combo buffs so it has that going for it at least.

What do you all think?


  • ThenyruThenyru Posts: 6
    I like the idea of giving your opponent cards to punish them harder haha.

    Given that you are trying to give your opponent cards it may be worth running a 3rd looper, 6 damage is also not to be sniffed at.

    How has the deck been testing?
  • NeokarasuNeokarasu Posts: 25 ✭✭
    edited December 2017
  • NoogaNooga Posts: 160
    edited November 2017
    All fair criticism! @Neokarasu - Nuke is a bit awkward to play with, so I'd probably only use it if I really had to, or if I knew that there weren't any more removal cards (thank god for burn). Solution was probably the wrong word. More of a panic button lol. And I suppose in a way, that's what Time Worm is for? Maybe I should add another one. I could probably replace it - not sure if I want Steel Fortification, Mine Field or Shatter Blast though. Probably SF.

    Furthermore, the reason I want to use Nuke over X-Order is that it's only too easy to lose access to X-Order buffs, running Blacksmith is basically a requirement, and for the mass-removal type buffs, only Lexi can really access them anyway because Black Hole requires all 3 elements, the other two aren't as bad but it's still a lot of potential for dead cards. The other problem is that other heroes don't really have the same potential for the Infiltrator/Jester combo. And if they did, they also wouldn't have the same turn draw. In other words, Zuna's probably the only way this deck would even work, and X-Order Buff Removal Combos would require too many elements.

    Similarly to Nuke, Bomber is a bit of a "panic button" card. I could probably use Warp Toad to recall and replay vulnerable cards. Man I wish they weren't starter deck exclusive or I'd have more of them hahaha. It sucks that Bomber's the only real action card that can explicitly remove buffs in the Tech order. It's a good card but it has a hell of a big drawback, especially when you look at similar cards like Thunder Slug and Reckless Spirit whose only real drawback is the Burn. But then again, Bomber gets rid of more cards I guess.

    @Thenyru Sadly I haven't had the chance to test because there's nobody to play with! Australia seems barren of Lightseekers players :( Though I am planning to introduce it at the local library's TCG club.

    -Potential Changes-

    + 1 Looper/ - 1 Ramparts OR - 1 Force Converter
    + 1 Time Worm/- 1 Ramparts OR - 1 Force Converter
    + 1 Steel Fortification/-1 Nuke
  • NoogaNooga Posts: 160
    Hmm, I was thinking about Smart Bomb too. That might be worth a shot. Sadly, I don't have Tabletop Simulator. Thank god for steam sales I guess hahaha.
  • ClassicFrogClassicFrog Posts: 35
    how are you generating that png with the cards from your deck?
  • NoogaNooga Posts: 160
    how are you generating that png with the cards from your deck?
    Basically I got the pictures off the card wiki and used GIMP to pop 'em all together. Sadly, no official deck pic maker, so it's hard work lol.
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