Cross-Order Combos and Elements

As I understand it, all Order icons (as seen on cross-order combos) refer to every element within that order. This is relevant in the case of "Shapeshifter" where its effect draws a copy of "Meteor Shower" and subsequently applies both effects (to heal you for 5, and deal 5 damage to your target).

I may be incorrect on this, but if this is indeed the case then it raises further questions.

For example, it's known that combo cards can be used as payment for other combo cards, so could a cross-order combo be used in place of a single element within either of the orders in question? (Example: Meteor Shower could count as a Gravity card when used as payment for Sun Strike.)

Alternatively, as with other, higher cost combos, they can outright pay for cheaper combos if the elements listed are appropriate (Black Hole for Anti-Gravity Field, or Magma Blast for Rock Fists etc.). In the event that an Order icon counts as all elements, would it also be applicable that said combo could outright pay for any other combo by itself, assuming the played combo only requires one of each element? (Example: Meteor Shower to pay for Planetary Alignment or Crushing Blow.)

Thanks for the help, all!


  • WantonNerdWantonNerd Posts: 151Member ✭✭✭
    I think you're on the right track with your first example. It counts as all elements only in granting access to use that order's elements. I would think it would count as AN astral element for Shapeshifter, possibly only one element of your choice. From my understanding, it doesn't give you all of the elements in the order at one time. I believe it would only count as payment for one specific element of that order. So, an astral Multiorder card would count as either Solar, Lunar, or Gravity for your choices, but not all of them like in your first example. I don't think a single Astral Multi-order card could pay for a full Astral Combo, that would be insane! But, who knows, I've been incorrect in my thinking before :lol:
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    Bump. Still interested in more opinions on this topic.
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