Fumbling alchemist ruling

Hey guys,
Ok so fumbling alchemist
"6 damage. DISCARD 1 of your combo cards"

Now I understand that I can play this even if I have no combo cards in hand but how do I convey this to my opponent? Do I even have to?
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  • Same idea that was discussed in: Regarding cards that check your opponents' hand.

    Basically, just give your opponent a quick glimpse of the bottoms of your cards while covering the top with your hand. (See image in linked post above.)
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    I was thinking this but it does seem to me a major disadvantage to reveal to your opponent your hand even if it's just the type of card you're playing.
    I can't help but wonder what the designers intention was with this card? There is nothing on the card that states reveal your hand so while I accept the potential ruling for this it is a very poorly worded card that is almost too ambiguous imo.
  • I believe they have stated that in tournament play there would be an independent judge there to confirm these sort of things.

    In casual play I don't mind showing cards to my opponent. Or if you know your opponent well enough (i.e. I play with my brother a lot) I would hope that you trust them enough to take their word for it.
  • Yeah I don't mind casual play, when I'm down at my local we just want to test the cards out "I take your word" but when tournaments are involved I need to know air tight rules so I can learn to play against them or use them to my advantage.
    Perhaps I just being to picky...
  • It's not a "on the card" ruling though. It's an "in the full rules" thing. It's really the only viable option besides having faith in your opponent's, or using the revealing your hand errata. And, it can be a viable tactic to know what your opponent is working with by including cards that could potentially make them reveal that crucial information to you. Not game breaking, but could be game changing. I see it as a positive, honestly
  • > @WantonNerd said:
    > It's an "in the full rules" thing.

    Where in the rules does it say if I have to DISCARD a card that I have to reveal my hand?
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    > @WantonNerd said:

    > It's an "in the full rules" thing.

    Where in the rules does it say if I have to DISCARD a card that I have to reveal my hand?

    The discard is rule 2.2 (due to card text). The showing cards is the 4.3.5 errata.

    The fumbling alchemist card text is the discard a card if it matches combo card, which would be shown from the via new 4.3.5 errata on the official way for showing your hand on a card where you would have to prove you do/don't have that specific card type (combo).

    Though the person being played upon would choose which one gets discarded from their hand.

  • Right, it's an "If, then" situation. If you have a Combo, you must discard it. If you can't discard, you must prove you can't discard because you don't have it
  • Y'know I can see this was actually resolved in a thread below. I should have just checked all threads first xD.
    Thanks for the input chappos
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