Spinblade 3000 vs Nitro Hammer damage addition

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Hey there. I can't tell if this is a bug or on purpose but it seems wrong to me. Jax question. I have Nitro Hammer and Spinblade 3000. I have 2 Meltdown battlestones, each with about 23000 extra damage give or take.

If I add it to Nitro Hammer, it adds all of it, my nitro hammer to like 25000+
If I add it to Spinblade 3000, it dsplays only half that, in this case, 12356. Now I can't tell if it works in the total damage (goes from like 4250000 to 7250000) and only incorrectly shows the damage or if its actually decreasing the extra damage.

Wouldn't an extra 23000 damage stay that way and not drop it by half? Maybe Spinblade 3000 is wrong. I have an extra one, I suppose I could try to see if its isolated to one Spinblade 3000.


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    Spinblade itself deals damage overtime, Nitro Hammer deals instant damage. I have no idea about things like this.
  • lamorackelamoracke Posts: 500 ✭✭✭
    Possible. @Crow any ideas? Its just a little concerning to see my extra damage display as half the damage when added to the spinblade, but its possible.
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    It's actually the same with Kora. The 2nd / L hand weapon you utilize will have half of the main stat.
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    I swear I switched hands, you think its just about which hand it is wielded, not the item? @Emanresu22
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    For my Kora's case, it is. I tried switching but it's the same.
  • CrowCrow Posts: 2,693PlayFusion Team
    Our dev team had this response to your query: "When dual wielding, one of your weapons is declared as the "off hand" weapon (it is automatically whichever weapon deals the least damage, so you don't need to worry about which weapon is in which hand). Any damage from the "off hand" is cut in half; only your main hand weapon deals full damage."
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    Ohh that makes sense since usually the weapon I put in my L hand (I consider it as my 2nd weapon) got the weaker lightstone.
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    Thank you Crow, not sure it was the result I expected, but glad to have this mystery solved.
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