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LaughingManLaughingMan Posts: 11Member
I was just wondering if you guys at Play Fusion ever considered not having the "Power by PlayFusion" and "" on the back of the cards? For now I think its fine but I think in the long run it might not age well. It's something small but I feel it'd look more professional to not have that on the back. Could just be me but it seems most of the most successful TCG's/CCG's have a somewhat basic but pleasing back that don't contain such things. I'll probably catch some flak for this post but just putting my view out there. Much love for the game though guys.


  • Darkrai848Darkrai848 Posts: 110Member ✭✭✭
    The problem is that do to tournament play the back of cards can never be altered. If they where to change it now it would make all of the cards that are out not usable in tournament play.
  • LaughingManLaughingMan Posts: 11Member
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    I know and if they did people would be upset and probably want an exchange. I was just wondering if they considered not having it on the back and why the choose to add it. Because to me I think it'd like nicer without.
  • ZizzacZizzac Posts: 57Member ✭✭
    You also have to keep in mind that they hand out cards at events. So having the website right on the back of the card is a pretty good idea. :)
  • LaughingManLaughingMan Posts: 11Member
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    I guess but at those events they had out promo cards they could have kept them on there? Like I said its something small, but I feel it doesn't age well. If it was just on promo cards then it really wouldn't have mattered, no? By the way love the Youtube videos @Zizzac you and @KOHDOK were the reason I got into the game.
  • ZizzacZizzac Posts: 57Member ✭✭
    Well, as an example, look at Magic the Gathering cards. They have a weird blue "Deckmaster" text along the bottom. Why is it there? Because they wanted "Deckmaster" to be a game system and use it with a bunch of other themes and games, but it never took off. So they could either change the card backs and make all the 1,000's of cards already out useless, or leave it and have it be a weird left over reminder.

    Having the main website for the game on the back is always going to be relevant. The "Powered by PlayFusion" is a little much, I'll admit, but it's also fine.

    And thanks @LaughingMan , I appreciate it. :)
  • LaughingManLaughingMan Posts: 11Member
    I did not know that about the Magic cards but even then I don't think deckmaster is much of an eyesore. I know it won't change but I just think it was an odd choice.
  • CrowCrow Posts: 2,381PlayFusion Team
    The Lightseekers website is going to be available as long as the game is in production so we feel it's helpful to have a link to the website so people can learn more about the game. As others have mentioned we do give out some cards during demos so it's a good way for people to learn more about the TCG later on (We will be expanding the TCG side of the website to have more stuff soon).

    As for powered by PlayFusion, this is branding that relates to anything which can utilise the PlayFusion connect play tech we have in place, in this case being able to scan the cards into the mobile game. We'll be using this branding for anything which can use the connected play systems we create.
  • LaughingManLaughingMan Posts: 11Member
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    Alright so if the game is still running good in 15 years we can still use the website? Like I said it's something small but I guess my preference would be different. Love the game and will continue to play regardless. Keep up the good work. And I hope you guys always stay in touch with your players and consider their words unlike some companies. @Crow
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