Prism Barrage

HughHugh Posts: 19
Here's my card idea, Prism Barrage.

The idea is that it's an array of smaller, less powerful prism weapons, from which the power can be diverted to instead power the Prism Cannon. This enables players to choose whether they wish to sacrifice the eventual four damage that Prism Barrage could output in order to give their target less time to mitigate the impending damage of Prism Cannon.



  • HughHugh Posts: 19
    edited August 2017
    Didn't work. Whelp...
  • HughHugh Posts: 19
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    For the life of me I'm unable to get the image to display in my edited post on this forum, so here's another attempt.

    EDIT: There we go, it worked. I'll stop spamming posts in this thread now.
  • Alanbot1Alanbot1 Posts: 4
    To be honest, its too little damage. Most attack cards with instant damage do 3 or 4 damage and have an extra effect. In the end, this will be doing the same amount of damage but over a longer period of time, allowing it to be more easily blocked or mitigated. Additionally, the effect should probably be X,3,2,1 or something other descending order so there is actually a decision of if you want less damage now or more damage but you have to wait a turn. Lastly, if it will have an effect like this keep in mind there are only a max 3 of each card in a deck so it will be difficult to pull off the effect.
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