Bonus Areas from the TCG cards

hey guys. I enjoy these new areas, there are some cool items, some rare monsters, at least one pet (more?), but I notice something before and after the last big update that is making these zones less useful.

When they first came out, they were areas that got you element fragments, sure it was like 2 to 8 or so and then some pearls but that was a decent amount. Now that the new update is out, storm fragments are now 1/100 in value, in the sense it takes 100 give or take on the item to power up a lightstone compared to before. The drop rates in these TCG bonus areas have not changed when I say defeat the main boss in the storm zone. So effectively these resource rich areas are not resource rich anymore. 2 storm fragments for the main boss there is chump change now.

Just thought I would pass this one, maybe those areas could get a bump back up given the new fragment reality with the last update?


  • CrowCrow Posts: 2,963
    We'll pass on this feedback
  • Emanresu22Emanresu22 Posts: 177 ✭✭
    I submitted an in-game report after the recent patch. I'm glad you brought this up @lamoracke
  • PeaughPeaugh Posts: 6
    Are all the bonus areas the same within each faction? Some have full drawn out mini dungeons with bosses, but all I get with tech is a small area with a few enemies and some salvaging nodes. Am I missing something? If there ARE different ones in each faction, what cards will let me access all of them?
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