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This guide will attempt to explain the level, types and rarities of equipment.


Equipment is sorted by level, colour, rarity and type. The type refers to the name of the armours.
Starting characters start with no gear but through the tutorial some very basic gear can be obtained along the way. These will be rarity one, rarity two standard. Others can be rewarded through quests, purchased or obtained through NPC loot drops. They start from rarity one up to rarity 5.

Colour and Rarity

Colour of equipment and rarity; None standard R1 - R2. Green R3. Blue R4 and Purple R5. Much like Lightstones.

The armour works in almost the same way Lightstones works, with its own individual stats. The better the rarity the better the base stats and maximum of starting values. Level and rarity determine its value. Example Green rarity 3 level x could be better than a blue rarity 4 x level but, unlike the green rarity, the blue rarity can fit a blue rarity Lightstone into its slot., making it much more powerful.

Armour Stats

Base values and stats could arrange from "Armour, Vitality and Regen". Or "Armour, Attack and Astral"

Unlike Lightstones, equipment does not upgrade. The majority of equipment scales with leveling of the character. Pieces of equipment already obtained and added to the inventory and or worn by the character will not scale to the level of that character.

Example; Helm level 5 will stay level 5, no matter what the character's levels are afterwards.

Note; some equipment will be overscaled for future use. Once again, these will not scale after the character has obtained them early and gone past that level.


There are a lot of various different types and they will vary in different stats according to, colour, rarity and elementral bonuses as-well as a unique visual indicator/ability that happens during battle!
The rarity and type of equipment can seriously boost your character in specific and unique ways. Equipment is specifically named from the dungeon that its been Looted from and certain dungeon bosses and World Bosses.

The great part is obtaining a specific boss build type of armour. All three types, Helm, Torso, and Leggings, named after a Boss or zonal dungeon area.

Examples of types of armour


Armour can also be purchased from vendors all over Tantos. These will usually be low starting grade gear, giving a nice boost to starting characters. There are other rarer types that can also be found in vendors, along with accessories.

Will add more soon!
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