Fantastic Spawns and Where to Find Them

plasmamodoplasmamodo Posts: 203 ✭✭✭
This thread is for rare spawns (not boss spawns). This is defined as a rare version of a common creature that has a unique name and can spawn in place of a normal version of that creature. The spawn rate is generally pretty low, but they tend to drop nice loot!

Key Goop:
Where: Just SE of the Ashwood Crater entrance
In place of: Puddle Goop
Drops: Ashwood Key (100%)

Tinker Bot L12:
Where: Rail's End town
In place of: Tinker Bot "B" and "K" models
Drops: Tinker Bot Pet (I got it on my second L12 kill)

Post away!


  • ArkiehmaruArkiehmaru Posts: 147 ✭✭✭
    i may of found one, i tryed to find later but disappeard i went through all difficturys so maybe on the timer? was too hard so couldint kill it but it was a giant purple beatle with a purple aura around it that drained my hp really fast. in northeast of dune map with other beatles.
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