Share your tribute cards here!



  • SAS828SAS828 Posts: 2

    Here are my first tribute cards from 3 starter decks.

  • potahtoepotahtoe Posts: 2 Would appreciate some scans friends! :smiley:
  • ChrondeathChrondeath Posts: 28
    Got a starter box, so it feels like I have enough to bother with a post now.

    Trying to figure out how to embed this bbcode?
    no, doesn't seem to be're not allowing straight HTML through, are you?

    okay, looks like you're suppressing html on the way out, so that's not it...
    Is there a "forum instructions" thing somewhere that I missed?
  • ChrondeathChrondeath Posts: 28

    Okay, none of these controls at the top of the post entry box were there when I wrote the last message. I guess they must be conditionally displayed based on that stupid "points" threshold that limits your uploading, but the URL-posting is checked at submit time? These are the same as the link in my prior post, just embedded so it's easier.

  • porkuslimeporkuslime Posts: 3
    edited September 6
    hmm.. how does one add images here.. I have 11 tribute cards I would like to add

    evidently it is a limitation on how many post you have?
  • LordZee19LordZee19 Posts: 3
    heres some kindred
  • CemCem Posts: 3
    Scan mine as well
    Those are Awakenings and Kindred
  • MoebiusMoebius Posts: 2
    I'm trying to post my cards but I don't see an option to attach an image...
  • RyukijenRyukijen Posts: 21

    Here are a couple of my Tribute Cards.

  • Here are mine:

    Have fun!
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