Introduce Yourselves!

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New to the Lightseekers community? Take a few minutes to introduce yourself on this thread and help others to get to know you! Remember, you don’t need to share your personal details, just tell us what sort of stuff you like doing and what you’re interests are!


  • JaneJane Posts: 122PlayFusion Team
    Hello and welcome to the Lightseekers forums! Can't wait to meet you and get to know you better! :)
  • Heyyy, seems like the forums are working now!

    I'm Sani (well, now here Dobby), or @has_sanity on Twitter ;)

    Found out about Lightseekers through Twitter, looking forward to seeing more
  • Well lets see here now shall we?...

    - Someone who usually plays too much games
    - Someone who could sometimes end up being a completionest noob(try getting all 700+ pokemon ,_,)
    - Someone who likes to be mischevious(pretty sure you knew that by now ;))
    - Someone who likes to drain blood from mortals to feed my self
    - Someone who likes to cause the universe to fold in on itself
    - Someone who wants to cause full world dominat-...

    I think I went too far...
  • JaneJane Posts: 122PlayFusion Team
    Welcome! It's great to have you here!
  • Hayy!~:D
  • Hello everyone. I found about this new venture through Twitter, and saw a ton of familiar faces on the Youtube video that was launched earlier today, not personally of course, just a big fan of their "Earlier work" you could say. So figured it best not to judge a book by its cover and to try out this new game as and when I can.

    I'm sure most people here will get a laugh out of my Username on this forum, I'm honestly surprised it worked. Hopefully I get to keep it. I am not affiliated with Jagex, I assure you. I put Mod Raven and his clone, Crow, to shame with my diabolical nature.

    As for games, I'm a huge fan of Open world MMOS and RPGS, Runescape, Wow, Witcher, Dragon Age, Mass effect, you get the picture.

    Let's see if Lightseekers can match my tastes.
  • Alo ^-^ I'm a gaming enthusiast and always out on the prowl for cool games to try out the art of light seekers immediately drew me in :D hope everything goes smoothly till launch
  • So Jane, hows things been? Been like 2 years since I last spoke to you lol
  • KK Posts: 2
    Hey guys!
  • SaniSani Posts: 23
    Oh erh, thanks anonymous LS-staff-member for helping me change back to this username :P

    (figured I'd post that here)
  • JaneJane Posts: 122PlayFusion Team
    Has been a while Vyrelord! I'm great though and now you can see today, why we've been so busy! :)
  • FreudFreud Posts: 19
    Howdy! Freud here @RSN_Freud on twitter!

    I've got a question for crow...

    Why are you so inferior to the mighty Raven?
  • EarleysEarleys Posts: 19
    Hello! Looking forward to see more about this game. Been curious to see what it'll be about for a while now. Let's hope it will be fun. :D
    (And yeah, I also got here from the same game that most people came from) :P
  • Ya I can, I'm actually excited for this believe it or not :P

    Can't wait heh, good to see the old gang again.
  • ZezimaZezima Posts: 1
  • FreudFreud Posts: 19
    @Sani get a vit
  • JaneJane Posts: 122PlayFusion Team
    Aww being around the forums makes me feel all warm inside again. I've missed it!
  • Is there a way for us to edit our forum picture? The lil blue guy is cute, but I prefer something more... not cute.
  • SaniSani Posts: 23
    Jane has been away from us for way too long, but we're back in business! Right? Soon at least...
  • CaraCara Posts: 2
    Hello! I'm Cara, been keeping an eye out for the work you guys would be making since you left Jagex, things look to be awesome so far!

    I'm a big RS fan as you can probably guess, little bit of a tech geek and video editor, when I'm not gaming of course. Looking forward to trying out lightseekers! ^^
  • Good day ol' chap! I'm Daniel as you can probably tell from the username and I'm british. General tech geek and like to read and help push the boundaries of all that is possible. Slowly being absorbed by the world of conventions, fandoms and cosplay. It's lovely to meet everyone. Really looking forward to LightSeekers! :)
  • JoshJosh Posts: 6
    Hey everyone I'm Josh I go by @majuggalo on Twitter I have been a gamer all my life yay me! I learned about this from Facebook hope to see you guys in game!!
  • JaneJane Posts: 122PlayFusion Team
    Is there a way for us to edit our forum picture? The lil blue guy is cute, but I prefer something more… not cute.
    There will be soon, it will be nice to see individual avatars. =)
  • AdamAdam Posts: 80
    Hey all,

    It's Adam here, you may know me as Weird_Adam or @Weird_Adam on Twitter.

  • Have a banana all, I'm gonna make like a Banana and split for the time being.

    Dancing banana, what else?
  • FreudFreud Posts: 19
    Adam is noob
  • SaniSani Posts: 23
    So many people from Twitter
  • MMGMMG Posts: 4PlayFusion Team
    Welcome everybody! I'm delighted to be one of the first members of the team to welcome you all
  • FreudFreud Posts: 19
    Heya MMG!
  • AdamAdam Posts: 80
    It's nice to be one of the first to sign up. :)
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