What comes in what booster?

Hey there,

I just started getting into Lightseekers after I joined a board gaming group and they're all addicted to it. I've got a physical astral starter deck and a couple of kindred decks on the way in the mail.

My question is, does it really matter which booster packs I buy?

Will a kindred booster pack still contain cards from previous iterations, or do I have to buy a mix of booster packs to get the most out of it?


  • tmaster4tmaster4 Posts: 7

    Personally what worked for me was buying awakening first if your considering buying packs because that set is the first and largest set. Plus it contains many key staple cards that are must haves for certain orders. Please let me know if you have any more questions I’m happy to help.

  • KyyljoyKyyljoy Posts: 32

    definitely use the card database. you can filter by pack and order to see which pack you may want to start with the most. also some cards from set 1 were reprinted in set 2.

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