Rotating another player's Buffs

If I play a card or ability to rotate another player's buffs, does each corner that I rotate take effect.

An example would be if I have Fysicus' Key and my opponent has Prism Cannon currently on Corner 3. If I activate the Defend ability on Fysicus' Key to rotate a buff and rotate their Prism Cannon to corner 4. Would I take 14 damage? Or is the damage bypassed and the buff expires when their turn starts.


  • LordRaidorLordRaidor Posts: 28

    Yep, each corner takes effect immediately as it becomes the 'active' corner, even during another player's turn.

    In your example, the Prism Cannon would hit you immediately for the 14 damage. Then on his turn, the Cannon would rotate out and expire as usual.


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