RPG Card collection bug?

Did anyone else's card collection on the rpg bug out? None of my cards are being saved anymore. Tried multiple accounts. I had reported it to support but we all know the lightseekers team doesnt care about the rpg anymore and probably wont do anything about it. (on my 7th week with my kora bug and no fix)


  • JaxJax Posts: 56 ✭✭

    I have the same issue, also reported, also added to the bug section on the forums, also heard nothing back..

  • ZeroNatalZeroNatal Posts: 31

    They are treating their customers of the rpg really poorly.. I've been waiting for over 2 months to get a bug with one of my figures fixed

  • BriteS1D3BriteS1D3 Posts: 2
    Same here, no more support for the RPG I guess
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