Who is your favorite Mythic hero?

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Who is your favorite mythic? and why?
My current favorite mythic is Nemi the Venomous. I honestly didn't think much of him at first glance, but after I actually pulled one I decided to build a deck for him, and it has been a really fun deck to play. Turns out that with the combo support in air and water, it makes nemi's effect better. for instance if I have a Cyclone Tamer out, along with something along the lines of Toxic Frog, and I play a combo, I can do quite a bit of damage. nemi will rotate the frog to its final corner, dealing a total of 8. then, cyclone tamer kicks in and rotates the frog back 1 corner for an extra 3, which is a total of 11 damage on top of my combo's damage, not to mention toxic frog will deal another 5 at the start of my next turn if it isn't removed.

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