Singles privately owned for sale or trade?

TestamentTestament Posts: 4
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Is there anywhere here where players can inquire or ask about singles that they privately own and are willing to sell or trade for. Ive been scouring the earth looking for a general carnage foil variant and no vendors all over the globe have 1. Im willing to pay top dollar and then some for it.

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  • KyyljoyKyyljoy Posts: 32
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    i believe there is a facebook group that does selling and trading. not sure about anywhere on this forum though


  • TestamentTestament Posts: 4
    I couldnt find any us groups. Only u.k. :(
  • TestamentTestament Posts: 4
    I couldnt find any us facebook groups. Only u.k. :(
  • KyyljoyKyyljoy Posts: 32

    i believe its just called "Lightseekers TCG". i have a few friends that do quite a bit of trading on there and we live in California.

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