Draga Hoarder

Last night in OP, my target played the buff card Draga Hoarder and indicated it couldn't be removed by one my cards such as Thunder Slug. Is that correct? I play a Storm deck and am looking for ways I can remove their Draga Hoarder from play. Thanks!


  • Filthy_PhilFilthy_Phil Posts: 12
    You can still use effects that 'remove' or 'return' buffs. The card prevents you from playing cards that make the opponent discard from their hand. When you do, the effect would be negated and the buff would rotate.
  • DandyDandy Posts: 47 ✭✭

    Your target either lied or had incorrect information. :p
    Imo it's totally worth it to have the Lightseekers TCG Companion app in your phone during games. It has a full card database with rules clarifications just like this. The Draga Hoarder clarification even says it can still be removed or returned.

  • jeffgrimes23jeffgrimes23 Posts: 10
    Thanks for your help! Fortunately, I still won the match.
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