Bloomback Draga question

Okay, so this guy is a buff with the conditional-rotation corners and an ability, and he's got the Unique trait.

I understand the unique trait on things with global effects, that it makes only one instance of the card apply. I don't understand the point of it on a card whose only effect is an ability; since you can only use one ability per turn, surely the second copy is doing nothing whether it's unique or not?

Or is the concern here that you'll have two Bloomback Dragas resetting each other? I guess that must be what it's for, doesn't seem like it would do anything but waste your actions, if you did it. I guess if you had that plus something increasing your corner numbers?


  • NeokarasuNeokarasu Posts: 25 ✭✭

    Before they nerfed Power, you would've been able to reset 3 other buffs with One With Nature per ability so with 2 Dragas you can get a pretty easy loop going.

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