Question about Element affinity in Competitive Deck building.

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Hello there! New player here.

You see, I'm fairly new to this game to the point my country doesn't have it yet, but that's not why I'm here. You see, I've been checking out some of the competitive decks and their deck lists in here and I've noticed that some decks run cards that do not belong to the respective deck order when the Hero in said deck is a monocolor card.

To set an example here. I was looking for a Tech deck build and I found a Tech one with Tempuz as the selected Hero card (It got among Top 8 in UK Regionals). And that particular deck list featured in the official website say that it runs Crystalcore and Crystal Bat (Mountain order cards... In a "Solo" Tech Deck). Yet the rules state that my Hero card defines what Elements I am allowed to play, and then seeing these card choices in these decks do confuse me since even though I can Run the cards in the deck, the rules state that I shouldn't be able to play the effects of Mountain order cards in this particular deck.

And my question is: How is this possible?

So yeah, I'm asking for an explanation to put this worry to rest.

Thanks for your attention and time.


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    Dear Elfacho,

    Crystalcore is an Item, which can be played by every hero. It gives you access to Crystal cards (see the Crystal symbol on the card).
    In those decks you often see the card Tantosian Blacksmith which lets you search for an Item card. Once the Item is in play, you have access to play cards from the Element the Item represents.
    Mind you, a hero does not need access to the element of the Item in order to be able to play the item.

    I hope this answers you question.
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    So items can be played in any deck regardless of the color/order and it gives the player access to other cards with the same elements as said item, correct? Got it. Thanks for claryfying it for me! :)
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    You are most welcome. For all rules regarding Items you can always check the rules, especially paragraph 2.5.4 from the Post Kindred rules.

    Have fun.
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