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Wallace90Wallace90 Posts: 2
Hi All,

I've been playing the app game and really like it. I want to start collecting and playing the physical game.

With regards to the 3 sets currently out, can I use Wave 1 cards in decks with wave 3 ? What wave would be the best to get for a complete beginner to the game?

Anyone advice would be great. Many thanks

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  • TappioccaTappiocca Posts: 17
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    Yes! As of right now, no sets (Waves) have been cycled out. Realistically you could buy starters and go from there, or purchase a few boxes of Kindred and spot fill from the other two sets.

  • xSkeletalxxSkeletalx Posts: 96 ✭✭✭
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    I would recommend collecting cards from all three sets, as there are staple cards in each!


  • Wallace90Wallace90 Posts: 2
    edited August 27
    Thanks guys. I picked up the Intro deck as it came with two decks so I could try the game with my girlfriend's brother. We both really enjoyed it.

    Im going to look into getting some boosters or decks from the other waves too to build a good collection. Thanks
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