Card Interaction Questions

1) When playing in a multiplayer game, If I have a Storm Wall on corner 1, 3 or 4 and cannot be attacked and one of my opponents plays Rippling Flare, a combo attack which deals 7 damage to all other players what happens?
a) The Rippling Flare deals its damage to the other players but not me due to my Storm Wall.
b) The Storm Wall stops the Rippling Flare from being played because I cannot be attacked.

2) With Moss Armour and Phase Shift they state that trigger when you are healed or when you are dealt damage. Do they resolve before or after the healing/damage that triggered them?


  • DandyDandy Posts: 47 ✭✭

    I'm not positive on the first question.
    If Rippling Flare is played in multi and one player has a card out that cancels attacks it hits everybody going clockwise until it hits that player then the effect is cancelled for that player and all players after them.
    But Storm Wall doesn't allow attacks, it doesn't cancel so the interaction is different and I'd be interested as well in learning what happens.

    For #2, the effects happen after the cause. With Phase Shift out, if you heal for 1 or more health, it then deals the corner damage.
    With Moss Armor, if you deal 1 or more damage to another player you will then heal the corner amount.

  • windforcewindforce Posts: 6
    In the description of Rippling Flare in the card database it says:
    If an affected player has an effect that Cancels an incoming Attack, the Attack does nothing against them and is immediately stopped. If this happens in a multiplayer scenario when there are still players remaining to the left of the player that cancelled the Attack, none of those players are affected either.

    Hope this clarifies you question #1.
  • DandyDandy Posts: 47 ✭✭

    That doesn't answer the question though. It's not canceling the attack, it's stopping the player from even being attacked.
    Example, Exteria Defender cancels an attack. You can still play attack cards against the hero, the Defender will just cancel it out. With Storm Wall in the app you can't even play attack cards period.
    It's a more nuanced situation.

  • KyyljoyKyyljoy Posts: 32

    honestly whenever I have a question with no clear answer like that, I just email [email protected] and they usually get me an answer within a day, as long as it's not a holiday or something like that.

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