My ideas for the future - Boss Battles

Hi there,

I got to Lightseekers in May and I really love the game. I am already Level 160+ in the app and I have more than 1000 cards and all the toys in my collection so of course I really want this game to succeed. I have some ideas flying around in my head and thought I share them with the Playfusion-Team and the community as well.

When I think of TCG then certain obvious names come to my head, like Magic or Yu-Gi-Oh which I both played like hell. But I also think of the old World of Warcraft TCG. It was basically a Magic-Clone so nothing interesting regarding the gameplay. But it had one cool feature: The Raids.

Like in the MMORPG you could gather some friends and play a raid with them. One player assumes the role of the Boss (like Onyxia) with the specific Boss-Deck and all the other players, each with their own deck, fights against him or her together as a team.

Hearthstone introduced something similar but without the coop.

So my idea would be to construct Boss-Battles with their own decks (that come with their own Boss-exclusive cards) against a number of heroes. The number of players could be limited by the type of boss or the cards of the boss could have increasing effects like "3 + number of players damage" and his starting health could be "x + 10 x number of players in play".

It would also be a good idea if the bosses would have different phases like in a Video Game. So the first phase could have "10 + number of players in play (not counting yourself)" health and maybe a passive ability like "at the start of your turn heal for an amount that is equal to the number of players in play (not counting yourself). After that health is depleted, his Phase-1-Boss-Hero-Card would be changed with the Phase-2-Boss-Hero-Card which comes with a different starting health and a different ability. It could be two or three awesome Boss Phases. Even the cards could have different effects depending on the current boss phase like:

"Phase 1: 2 + number of players (not counting yourself) damage to one enemy
Phase 2: 2 + number of players (not counting yourself) damage to all enemies
Phase 3: 5 2 + number of players (not counting yourself) damage to all enemies and remove one buff.

This would increase the difficulty during the game for more fun. Maybe it would be a good idea to have the heroes gain a reward after completing one boss phase like it is handled in the multiplayer, so you could shuffle cards back into your deck and regain health or something like this.

I hope that everyone understands my idea and that I didn't messed up the whole explanation. I am not a native speaker so please excuse any mistakes.

By the way, who else would be in for a netflix Lightseekers show. You guys have so much lore to tell and I could really see netflix be interested in building a media franchise together, with all the merchandise and stuff.

Best regards from Austria :smile:
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