Several questions

Where do the tribute cards come from? Only starters?

Do daily and weekly quests stack up if I don't finish them within the time period? If so, up to how many?

I saw a thing flash by in the app about a card back for playing ranked mode, but I can't remember the details and I haven't seen any way to bring the tooltip back up. What was that about?

What set is Tantosian Blacksmith from? (Why did you print an Ice Block that shuffles itself back in, with a tutor for it that doesn't even cost an action, in a card type with minimal counters available?)

Is there any easy way for me to search for all the cards that are exclusive with starters or toys (or anything else that's not easily acquireable)? It's a big red flag if I see something that looks staple-ish in there.

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  • xSkeletalxxSkeletalx Posts: 96 ✭✭✭
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    • As far as I know, Tribute cards come from sealed, preconstructed product; so the original starters, or the new Kindred constructed decks. You can also purchase them from some online Lightseekers singles sites.
    • I can't tell you exactly which quests stack in which order, but I don't believe I've ever seen more than four quests in my list at one time.
    • I believe the special card back is earned by winning ten Ranked matches during the season.
    • Tantosian Blacksmith is from the Awakenings set, (wave 1) but is also being reprinted in a special pack.
    • I'd recommend checking the online Card Database (, I believe the Wave/Starter/Toy availability is listed on each card.


  • KyyljoyKyyljoy Posts: 32
    keep in mind that the rift packs that are coming are going to have foil reprints of many toy exclusive weapons, giving everyone a chance to have access to them. as far as we know it wont have the heroes, but they arent really staples either. If you really want those heroes or weapons now though, you should still be able to get them on amazon for relatively cheap.
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