Would you/we want a Unaligned Hero ever?

Ultimo545Ultimo545 Posts: 12
So simple question,but as far as the mechanic would go,you can still play unaligned cards unless you play items to get access to orders,I think it would be a fairly easy thing to do,maybe even just a Hero with no ability, start high health, and you can play items to do whatever or play all greys,seems pretty fun, and they have had to think of it right? (Would be awesome of they did mention they have). So yes or no, and your thoughts?

Would you/we want a Unaligned Hero ever? 9 votes

66% 6 votes
22% 2 votes
11% 1 vote


  • Sloth12325Sloth12325 Posts: 1
    It sounds interesting. Just a generic unaligned maybe start at 32 heath and 3 item slots. Not sure what advantages it would have over other heroes though since there wouldn’t be any synergy. What about a hero that’s family aligned rather than element?
  • TheIdeaManTheIdeaMan Posts: 7

    High health, no items, better effect than usual

  • tofuburritotofuburrito Posts: 5

    I've got an unaligned deck built for the app achievement and really enjoy playing it. The only issue with the deck right now is the combos, but that can be easily mitigated by making sure the combos pay for each other. I definitely wouldn't mind seeing unaligned combos, too, but am not sure how practical that is.

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