Monster Materials

ZeroNatalZeroNatal Posts: 31
I was trying to find any information on some monster mats for crafting (scales) and couldn't find any. So I decided to make my own little guide for anyone else out there looking for information! Some of the monsters come in different colors/skins but are similar enough to tell what they are.

Carapaces - beetles/cipids

Claws - rats

Cogs - wheel bots

Dactyls - Scuttlers (crabs)

Fangs - howlers

Feathers - Treegulls(any flying birds)

Furs - Tuskers

Ooze - Moss Sludge/Cactooze/Fuel Waste (any slime looking creatures)

Roots - Lively plants (north of joybrook falls)

Silks - mantix

Stingers - bumblers

Wormhorn - Worms

Scales - lurkers (south of stonestead - savage sands)

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