Does anyone post here anymore?

Been trying to find out a couple of things as well as get my figure progress swapped, but it looks like everything here just...stopped. It's a shame, the game itself is actually REALLY fun. I've spent more nights playing this than anythingon my Switch or PS4.


  • ZeroNatalZeroNatal Posts: 28
    edited July 22
    I check it regularly in hopes for some news/updates on content expansions and when we shall get the new heroes as well as the unreleased equipment (shields and weap for zyrus and boulder + new heroes eq)

    sadly they are focused on the card game more so than the rpg :(
  • FauxtempsFauxtemps Posts: 33 ✭✭
    I feel like the RPG is completely abandoned any more. On one hand, I'm really happy the card game took off and is doing well.

    And on the other, I'm sitting here with my figures and accessories feeling super sad that the game I Kickstarted and raved about... is dead in the water. 🌧 :'(
  • SwampyMk2SwampyMk2 Posts: 9

    Did anyone get the digital rewards we were promised? As I still haven't received mine?

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