Lost Forum Access

Hi all,

If you are a Visionary who has lost access to the Visionary forum recently (And still does not have access) please can you let us know in this thread.


  • InsomniacInsomniac Posts: 3
    I didn’t even know there was one XD
    I’m assuming I still don’t have access
  • oninopoptartoninopoptart Posts: 3
    Didn't know there was a Visionary forum. Please add me. :)
  • KeroberusKeroberus Posts: 5
    Please could I also be added to the visionary forum?
  • MadgersMadgers Posts: 1
    I would also require an add, thank you.
  • Khatton1Khatton1 Posts: 1
    edited August 24
    Just became an Oracle today :) but I can't seem to find the visionary forum. Access and whereabouts would be grateful!! Thanks
  • KyyljoyKyyljoy Posts: 32

    currently an Envoy, not sure how to access the visionary forum.

  • tmaster4tmaster4 Posts: 7

    Currently an envoy still have not seen a visionary forum

  • BasementcutsBasementcuts Posts: 2
    I’m not seeing the visionary forum. Is there a specific link?
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