Overseer Tuskrage - Semi-Aggro

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After pulling an Overseer Tuskrage (my third Mythic hero!) I did some brainstorming and came up with a list that I feel is both fun to play, and does a decent job of mixing aggression and defense, with a number of options for control as well. Overseer Tuskrage was the least interesting Mythic hero in my opinion, as I really dislike his ability and originally the combination of Tech (minus Mechanical) and Forest didn't really seem like it was going to work well. I was pleasantly surprised with how this deck worked through my first test games, and will continue testing further.

Overseer Tuskrage

Life Imbue (Nature/Tech)
Combat Tech Fusion
Overwhelming Blast
Time Flicker

Oversized Wrench x 1 (Mechanical Superiority)

Stumpdrift Shaman x 3 (Forest)
Mossridge Defender x 3 (Forest)

Looper x 2 (Time)
Chrono Moth x 3 (Time)
Tyrax Mercenary x 3 (Explosives)
Fumbling Alchemist x 3 (Explosives)
Crazed Bomber x 3 (Explosives)

Fountain of Time x 2 (Time)
Tyrax Fixer x 2 (Mechanical)
Tantosian Blacksmith x 2
Dugout Reactor x 3 (Mechanical)

I think some of the most important combo cards available to tech require Mechanical, so three slots are taken up by my item or my item retrieval in order to use those combos. The general gameplan for this deck is to use Stumpdrift and Mossridge to keep my life as high as possible, while pummeling my opponent with Attack cards. Dugout Reactor allows me to retrieve those Attack cards from the discard pile, giving me more of a chance to continue the onslaught. Both Celerity and Combat Tech Fusion allow me to increase my damage output, and Life Imbue will let me play one of those after they've been removed. Crazed Bomber is fairly safe in this deck, because I only have two Action Buffs. Fountain Of Time will allow me to either rewind my defensive buffs or fast forward a problematic buff on my opponent's side of the table. Occasionally, I will pick up a few points of damage off of Tuskrage's passive, but I'm not worried about damage output in a case where I don't!

I'd love to hear your thoughts, questions, concerns, and criticisms regarding this deck, and I'll continue to update the thread as I fine tune it more!


  • ZephyrZephyr Posts: 1
    How has the deck been playing? I'd love to try this out myself!

    Any changes you've made to the list?
  • xSkeletalxxSkeletalx Posts: 96 ✭✭✭
    How has the deck been playing? I'd love to try this out myself!

    Any changes you've made to the list?
    I have made a couple of adjustments to the deck, it runs pretty well! I've played it a little bit with physical cards, but more often on the app, and it does pretty well. I will update with the adjustments in the next few days when I can!
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