Hows everyone using their Demo Day Kits?

JadatoJadato Posts: 19
Hey Everyone –

My LGS just received their first Demo Day Kit and it contains much more than I could have ever anticipated! Quite awesome.
1x Astral Starter
1x Dread Starter
1x Storm Starter
1x Nature Starter
1x Mountain Starter
1x Tech Starter
1x Intro Starter (Storm vs Tech)
8x Lightseekers Awakening Starter Packs
10x Pack of Promo Cards (Two Cards // Unsure of what the promo is)
10x Lightseekers Logo Keychain
10x Lightseekers Art Stickers
1x Lightseekers XL T-Shirt (Very Cool Art)

My question is, what do you guys and gals do with all this product?

My initial thought was to open and sleeve the Intro Deck (Storm vs Tech) and use that as a "How to Play" where I sit and teach and maybe use the rest as door prizes. Should I open and sleeve all the Starters for variety in teaching while using the Promo Packs, Card Packs and Keychains as prizes to people who participate and learn?

No note was provided on how we use the product, was just curious on how everyone else uses theirs.



  • lamorackelamoracke Posts: 570 ✭✭✭
    wish my store could get one of these
  • lucatuneslucatunes Posts: 30
    Hey ive done a few demo day's and this is what I think! I would add card sleeves to the storm vs tech, and then have the other starter decks for backups and open them as more people come. What I did is a took 1 sticker, 1 keychain, 1 promo pack (They contain one foil uncommon and one foil rare), and one booster pack and gave them to each person that did the demo day after its completion. For when you do the event, tell your store or whoever is running it to use this guide:

    Its up to you on how to want to give out the goodies, but I would keep all of the decks and only use them for demo days.
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