Overseer Tuskrage Deck

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Overseer Tuskrage

Combo cards:

Time Collapse
Shatter Blast
Life Imbue
Mine Field

Action cards

3 Fungal Leecher
2 Glade Priest
3 Mossridge Defender
3 Stumpdrift Shaman
3 Tree Sprout
1 Forgewall
2 Tantosian Blacksmith
2 Bombling
3 Chrono Moth
3 Crazed Bomber
2 Tyrax Fixer
2 Chrono Warper
1 Fountain of Time

Here is my first attempt at a Mythic Hero Deck. I am still new to the game, and I pulled two Tuskrage from my Mythical Box. I'm sure it needs work.

Let me know what you think.
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