Is Tech lacking something?

onibaku06onibaku06 Posts: 11
I feel that Tech lacks a major component that all other factions have.

Buff removal.

Crazed Bomber is the only buff removal that I can find for tech, but it has two major issues. The most obvious one is the loss of two of your own action buffs.

The second issue that I see may or may not be a problem. I'm still pretty new to the game.

Crazed bomber states to Remove 3 Buffs. (Which can't be any of your own buffs, due to it being an ATK card). If my target only has one buff in play, does that meant that I can't use it?


  • xSkeletalxxSkeletalx Posts: 96 ✭✭✭
    I believe "Remove 3 Buffs" means that you MUST remove 3 buffs from your target if possible. If they have exactly three or less you must remove them all, and you cannot choose to remove less than three.

    But in your given example, I'm pretty sure you can play Crazed Bomber to remove a single buff.
  • WantonNerdWantonNerd Posts: 333 ✭✭✭
    Correct. You have to follow the criteria to the best of your ability. Crazed Bomber is the only order specific buff removal action card for Tech and each order in turn also has one single common action card that removes buffs. Some work slightly different, most notably Storm's Thunder Slug (which is a buff), Astral's Pathfinder (removes 1 unless your last discarded card is Lunar, than it removes 2), and Nature's Reckless Spirit (deals 3 damage and removes 1 buff).

    For Crazed Bomber, it's meant to be played in counter to a buff heavy deck when piloting a non-buff heavy deck. Tech has the most options to counter buffs out of any order, and a ton of control to offset this. Also, Crazed Bomber only affects your action buffs, not your combo buffs, so you can easily play it with impunity when you have only Combos on the field. Trust me, it's got downsides, but it's not bad. Honestly, Nature has the worst buff removal card by comparison to others IMHO, but it has plenty of options to defend and recover from buffs, so it has it's place as well
  • KatherineKatherine Posts: 2
    See, this is why I come to the forums, important information like this, as in testing light seekers we inadvertantly played Crazed Bomber as removing three buffs -Period- Yours, or your opponents.
  • LuclinraiderLuclinraider Posts: 9
    Crazed bomber is currently one of the strongest cards in the entire game......I literally have a tech deck JUST because running 3 of that card is troll as heck against certain deck types.
  • BardelBardel Posts: 2
    Also I found that fountain of time can be helpfull to get rid of or delay a rotation activation, for the opponent it is a helpful card if you want to control the board a bit more.
  • Minhpro2k3Minhpro2k3 Posts: 1
    There are cards that prevent attacking (like Shroud of Night) or cards that nullify it (Exteria Defender) that can stop the Crazed Bomber
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