Must-Have Storm Cards Discussion

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I'd like to start a discussion on "must-have" cards in the Storm Order.

Now, obviously, certain deck builds will call for certain cards, but I think there are some cards which are pretty universally important to a Storm player, and I think it's a worthwhile discussion to have!

Dust Fiend
4 damage is nice, but the ability to use it to pay for any Storm element when playing a combo is incredibly useful and means this card is also very flexible.

Delivery Crab
3 healing, because who doesn't like to heal? I really like the Draw functionality to this card as well, because at one level it means you've effectively got a free action. If you play Delivery Crab as your first action, the card you draw can also impact your second action, and could draw you the damage card you need to end the game.

Spark Wisp
5 damage, plain and simple. Other than when using a hero who doesn't have access to Lightning, is there really any reason not to take three of these things?

Storm Shaman
While it is highly susceptible to buff removal, adding 4 damage to all damage dealt for a turn is extremely strong.

Storm Wall
Damage to one or more heroes, protection from Attacks, four full turns (three effective turns). I think this is a fantastic Combo.

Thunder Slug
An awesome buff removal card, though it does take two turns for its full effect to come into play.

Do you feel like I'm evaluating any of these cards incorrectly? Are there any cards I'm not giving proper credit to? I'd love to hear other Storm player's thoughts!


  • As a new player i dont have all the cards yet, but really like the following

    Hurricane Spirit
    For card draw and card removal for my opponent

    Mari Bard
    To shut down opponents Buffs

    Hurricane Hermit
    Again, Card Draw and a little damage and the ability to use another ability

    Vitalizing Frog
    6 healing is just awesome

    Absolutely agree with Storm Shaman, Thunder Slug, Spark Wisp and Dust Fiend.

  • JacoRJacoR Posts: 14PlayFusion Team

    For Hurricane Hermit, I think you might be describing the card, Mantix Volter.

    I really like seeing the lists that people come up with for these :smile:
  • xSkeletalxxSkeletalx Posts: 96 ✭✭✭
    I used to use Mantix Volter in my Storm deck, but recently swapped it out for Theraputic Eel. The Volter is nice, but I think it's much less efficient, since you use three actions for 6 damage and three cards over the space of three turns (if nothing removes it first).

    Theraputic Eel costs a single action and three health, but nets you three cards straightaway, and you don't need to worry about buff removal.
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