Rank 5 armor bps

I've been enjoying this game since my partner showed it to me and I've got to the point where I'm powering up rank 5 spirit stones. I only have rank 4 armor at the moment so I'm curious at what point rank 5 armor blueprints appear? I'm at difficultly master 18 currently and can feel like I need a bit more dps to progress further.

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    The best place is in dungeons on difficulty Master 16 and above. Anything that gives you a box with a purple background has a good chance. There is a chance you can get some under that difficulty, but its quite a bit lower. This also applies to the missions you can send your allies on from Safehaven,

    World bosses (which have varying minimum difficulties) have a better chance than dungeons, but they are on a long respawn. Ranging from 1 day to 4 days.

    Crafting in Safehaven is another option, but you'll need to unlock the recipes and do some gathering. The recipes also drop from the end bosses of dungeons.

    The faction vendors also have rarity 5 items available to buy for their own currency when unlocked at the third tier.
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