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I recently got into Lightseekers at PAX East, picking up a shared collection with my friend. Between us we ended up purchasing each of the starters, and have been playing them against each other. Every time we have played the Nature deck (regardless of who was playing it), it's won pretty much hands-down. It seems to always have many good options, and keeps itself healed, dealing damage, resisting damage, and/or drawing cards pretty consistently. I'm curious to see whether this is simply a skewed perspective since we're new to Lightseekers and just aren't familiar enough with the game, or if there's an inherent imbalance issue with the Nature starter.

I'm working with my FLGS owner to try to get a Lightseekers community started in his store, and I'm hoping that some of the more experienced players here can shed some light on the balance/strengths/weaknesses of the Nature starter, so that I can not only understand it better myself, but can offer better advice to new players as I introduce the game to them!

What I know I've personally struggled with (mostly having played either Storm or Dread) is that the Nature starter tends to punish you regardless of what you're following for a strategy. It can punish you for playing buffs OR for holding buffs, has a lot of ways to get additional efficiency out of buffs via restarting them, dropping them into play from the Discard pile, as well as returning them to hand for replay later. It can protect itself very well via buffs like Mossridge Defender, and it certainly isn't lacking for damage.

Specifically in a starter-vs-starter scenario, what are the general plans that should be used against the Nature starter? In other games I've played, the obvious weakness of a defensive or healing based deck was often that it took a lot of preliminary setup for maximum efficiency, or dealt low damage over time and was intended to simply outlast the opponent. So far (with my admittedly limited experience) the Nature starter feels like it is much higher in efficiency, survivability, and output than the other starters.


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    Hey fellow PAXer! I don't have much experience as I only picked up Lightseekers at PAX East as well. I did play in one of the starter deck events and for about 2-3 hours over the weekend at the demo booth and I found that the Nature deck is quite strong! I do think it's probably one of the stronger starter decks for the reasons you've listed and it's win condition is much more reliable than other starters like Dread and Astral.

    I did have a bit of trouble against my friend playing Storm as his high tempo rush combined with Thunder Slug for buff control made it hard for me get my big buffs out. My experience has led me to believe that Mountain might be stronger than Nature, but that might be personal bias as I have gone 1-4 against the Mountain starter and only played Astral against it.

    I think an aggressive strategy works well against Nature in general. I've been going through the Lightseekers YouTube channel and watched some of the finals for the last few PAX events and Nature comes out on top. The commentators did mention that early consistent high damage can beat the turtley nature of Nature. The times my friend's Storm starter deck was able to beat me was when he had control of the tempo and was letting his combos rip. If you're in the Boston area there's a Storm player at Alpha Omega who gave some really good pointers on how to handle control decks to my friend.
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    Hello, I picked the decks up after seeing them at a local TRU. I bought each one of the decks and have been playing them with my family for now. I have tried out the Astral and Nature decks so far against Storm, Dread, and Tech. I personally like the Nature deck. It has a lot of nice combinations that can be done just from the starter pack. Green usually has a high heal factor in many of these elemental based CCGs, but it also does a lot of "rebirth". I usually find that it is about patience with the strategy, and I would agree that an aggressive deck might put a Nature deck more on the defensive.
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    Hey guys, glad to see you're all enjoying the game. For those who have noticed, the Nature deck is a very powerful starting option and much more user friendly than most other decks. The overall mechanic for Nature as an order is sustain, and it lacks a very obvious offense option against most other decks. It's highest damage card Vine Lash can easily be removed with buff removal, and Corvid Conspiracy can be countered/negated by most orders damage reducing cards. It also lacks hard buff removal as Reckless Spirit only removes one card (but can be returned from discard as it doesn't have the Burn keyword).

    Most heavy aggro decks or buff wipe decks can overwhelm a Nature deck, and in the right hands both Astral and Dread can easily counter it. As far as easy accessibility, both Nature and Mountain stand well above the other starters. Storm is simple, but can fair in careless hands. Tech is also dangerous with someone who doesn't know how to balance it's negative effects. Astral and Dread being the most complex play styles really need to be piloted well, but can be devastating in the right hands or fail miserably in a careless players hands. Every deck has strong viability, and I have personally won and lost games with every Starter against every other starter, so it does take a little extra work to get there, but it's very possible. As always, a deck is only as strong as the player controlling it
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    Nature can only remove 1 buff at a time with reckless spirit, or two with forest mender but they are just returned. Its all about playing around their mossridge defender and their sources of damage. A lot of the nature starter decks damage relies on the opponent. Damage based on the number of buffs they have, or if they attacked you, or if they don't have that many buffs. Just plan a few dastardly turns in a row and they can be overwhelmed.
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    We have seen the Nature starter do well in our "Starter Deck" intro events at my store too! Like TheBattleCast mentioned though, Nature has difficulty removing buffs so if you can make the choices of what to remove difficult you can often get ahead of Nature's Healing.

    There are ways to deal with Nature, the balance in this game early on is very well attended.

    Have fun!
  • I picked up the nature starter deck and made it very tanky and stall. Add more cards that heal and make you take less damage to achieve this. I also switched out the hero, to one where you can discard a card and heal for four, I can't remember the name right now. My deck runs very well but aims to make the opponent deck-out.
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    Cool, awesome insightful abrogations, will keep in one faces the strong summon and buff mechanics! Good luck in testing cool guys! Splendor!!
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