the best deffense is...

ive looked through dreads card pool so far and i cant see to many good deffense cards and i understand most games have agressive types for some variety but i think that since attack support and deffense are usually the three branches built into orders that this makes dread able to support less deck types than other orders. feel free to tell me if im missing something


  • WantonNerdWantonNerd Posts: 333 ✭✭✭
    No, Dread's got a heavy reliance on buffs, that's the main part of it's play style. The detriment here is that critical buffs are hard to protect, but they have a heavy amount of recovery and recursion from the discard, essentially negating their losses from buff removal by replaying lost cards. The downside is that Dread overall can be easy to read and board wipes more than any other order can be crippling.

    This is all prior to Mythical which adds a lot more options for protection and survivability for Dread overall
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