Discuss the newly revealed cards here!

CrowCrow Posts: 2,747PlayFusion Team
We have a whole bunch of cards being revealed on our social pages and through some good friends over the next few weeks. You can see all the revealed cards after their initial announcement on our card reveal page.

Let us know your thoughts on the recently revealed cards!


  • NoogaNooga Posts: 123 ✭✭✭
    Carnage seems very strong but not quite OP. Lexi would love Umbron Salvager, he can make 8 damage with that card with no drawbacks. Oof. Umbron Brute is nasty. Sunhunter Tuktu seems interesting. Chrono Warper is hindered by the fact that when buffs rotate to their final corner, they trigger the effects too, which can lead to some major ouchies for normal buffs. It'd be pretty killer against cards with abilities and clunky corners though at least, where the effects don't trigger as they rotate.
  • CrowCrow Posts: 2,747PlayFusion Team
    The advantage for the Chrono Warper is that YOU get to decide when that corner hits. Means you can totally negate its effects with the right damage reducing buffs in play.
  • JamcobJamcob Posts: 45
    I like how you've made sure to balance cards as much as you can where you can, especially with Mantix weavers otherwise interaction with Abyss Tenticle and weaver. Well done for not allowing that to rack up damage and healing ha.
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