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I figured I'd put some of the decks used on streams somewhere. In particular the weirder ones. So, let's do so here!

If you have any kind of requests for decks you'd like to see, please leave a comment.


I posted a bit of a challenge on Twitter, for people to suggest what Orders I should make decks out of. This resulted in two different decks, one of which was played today and another which I'll try to play later this week.

So, first out we have a deck which had the challenge: Astral, Nature, and Tech, and it can't run Subjugator, Spectral Web, or Fountain of Time. So, this is the deck I made:


Black Hole
Anti-Gravity Field
Sun Strike
Night Hunt
Star Blast

2x Chimchu Militant
3x Mageship

3x Chimchu Lookout
2x Yikona Oracle
2x Yikona Tactician

3x Anti-Gravity Snail
3x Astronomer
2x Pathfinder

1x Swarm Caller
1x Stampeding Tusker
2x Symbiotic Gnarler

1x Nitro Hammer
3x Crazed Bomber

1x Shadowy Figure
1x Tantosian Blacksmith

It is by no means perfect, and it was untested before the stream, except for a few games against myself playing a Mountain starter. It initially contained some more Animal and Explosives cards, but after my test games I swapped some out for a little bit of defence in form of Yikona Tactician and Yikona Oracle. I also wanted to run a superior Gravity hero, but Cassini's ability goes well if I have an unlucky item draw or they get removed (as I am not running any Chimchu Infiltrators). After those swaps, it hadn't undergone any tests until the stream.

2-0 on stream vs Alan's Mountain deck. After the stream I played a few more games with it against Scott's Nature and Mountain decks, where it went 3-1. So, all in all, not too shabby.


  • BennyBenny Posts: 103PlayFusion Team

    The first combination of Orders requested for the above challenge was Dread, Mountain, and Storm. This is the deck I made:


    Crippling Toxin
    Ghostly Grasp
    Chilling Curse

    POISON (3)
    1x Draga Hunter
    2x Toxic Frog

    DEATH (3)
    1x Devourer
    2x Wall of Bones

    SHADOW (13)
    2x Abyss Tentacle
    3x Abyss Weaver
    3x Shadow Puppet
    2x Shadow Supplier
    1x Spirit Gate
    2x Swamp Creeper

    EARTH (4)
    1x Rock Maul
    2x Mountain Fort
    1x Temple of Patience

    AIR (4)
    1x Sleepy Crab Staff
    3x Dust Fiend

    2x Tantosian Blacksmith
    1x Umbron Informant
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